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Handbook Revised September 3, 2020

In light of the current COVID pandemic and as an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of your child, please take a few moments review the new guidelines in our Student Bus Handbook. Revision are based on the latest Guidelines for Transportation to Schools issued by the Manitoba Government.

The Swan Valley School Division is committed to ensuring safe bus ridership and supports drivers in their efforts, by sponsoring training programs in bus driver preparation and annual bus driver safety. School bus drivers have an important and difficult job. They are responsible for driving your child to and from school every-day. Every effort is made to see that school bus vehicles are in a safe mechanical condition and equipped with reflective markings and safety devices. In spite of this training and maintenance, collective passenger behavior remains a potential hazard to the safety of your child. Parents who have travelled with children can appreciate the distraction of thirty to fifty children, each very eager to be seen and heard. 

Our success in providing a safe transportation system, for your child, depends largely upon your assistance and cooperation in urging your child to know and obey all bus riding regulations and procedures. Safe ridership through effective discipline on the school bus is very important. A video surveillance camera has been made available on buses to support drivers and parents in attaining this goal.

We would appreciate your help in ensuring that your child knows the safety rules contained in our brochure. More importantly, we ask for your assistance in stressing to your child the importance of following the rules and practicing good behavior.

Your child’s safety is our priority. Your help in educating your child is greatly appreciated.

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