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Better Beginnings

Better Beginnings


Better Beginnings is a Swan Valley program that supports the health and learning development of prenatal to age 5 children and their families. Recent studies have shown that the years from birth to five years old are the most important in a child’s growth.

A child's activities during this crucial period can determine how the child's brain is wired. his wiring lays the groundwork for how the child will get along and learn later in life.

Better Beginnings is a partnership of community service organizations whose goal is to create a positive and nurturing environment that allows a child to develop to their fullest potential, by providing an effective networking and referral system.

The program is funded through the Province of Manitoba - Healthy Child in conjunction with the Swan Valley School Division.

What is the Swan Valley Better Beginnings Program?

Better Beginnings is the name of the Parent-Child Coalition located in the Swan Valley and organized by the Swan Valley School Division. The Better Beginnings program is funded through Healthy Child Manitoba, Parent Child Coalition grants and the SVSD. Better Beginnings complies with the Parent-Child Coalition funding and best practices guidelines.

What are the pillar skills of the Better Beginnings program?

The five pillars of the Better Beginnings Program are:

  1. Gross motor skills
  2. Fine motor skills
  3. Literacy skills
  4. Numeracy skills
  5. Executive functioning skills (social and emotional skills)

These five pillars are to be facilitated by the Better Beginnings support staff each daily session.  Activities can be guided or independent and focus on one or more of the pillar skills at once.

 The Daily 5 Framework and the Better Beginnings program

The Daily 5 is a method teachers use to engage students in specific learning activities to develop their skills.  The Better Beginnings program support staff will utilize this planning method to ensure quality educational activities include the pillar skills.  All five pillar skills should be covered at each Better Beginnings session.

 The Daily 5 Better Beginnings Lesson Plan

 A Daily 5 Better Beginnings lesson plan template will be provided to all support staff for planning purposes.  Activities do not always go as planned.  However, planning lesson activities ahead of time will always help to ensure quality educational experiences are provided and materials needed are available.  Good planning promotes successful activities.

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