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Student Services


Student Services is the team of staff and services accessible to meet the needs of ALL students.  The educational planning process for all students begins with a CORE TEAM comprised of the student, parent(s) / legal guardian, and teacher(s).

As we are aware, all children are different- they have different strengths, needs, histories and abilities- just like each of us.  Education is a fundamental human right and as educators, it is our responsibility to teach every student in our classroom- not just the students who learn easily, or who can follow our expectations for behaviour.

In order to support students Teachers use their knowledge of the curriculum and various classroom assessment processes to determine starting points for instruction and to monitor each student’s developing understanding and skill as instruction proceeds.  When a teacher observes differences in a student’s learning and/or behaviour, focussed classroom observation and assessment occur, and variations in pacing of instruction, materials, or instructional approaches need to happen to enable the student to be successful.

The higher the need may sometimes mean the more services involved. 


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