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Benito School practices Restitution strategies and philosophies as a foundational means of character and self discipline. Restitution is not a process, it is a way of being. Restitution is a mindset, or a philosophy that creates the conditions for individuals to learn from their mistakes, as well as to learn to identify and fulfill their personal needs, in order to establish personal happiness. Through structured teachings, students learn about the Basic Needs;  learn to identify their Basic Needs and become more independent in understanding and meeting their individual needs (Love, Belonging, Survival, Fun and Freedom). Collaboratively students establish their Quality School individually outlining the “The person I (they) want to be…” in order to succeed within their Quality World

Benito School Staff have been practicing Restitution for several years. We understand and guide the students in realizing that Restitution is a way of being: an evolution of thoughts, processes, and habits that bring change to how we respond to issues.  Through this foundational belief, students learn to acknowledge their errors, make better choices, set goals, self-regulate and grow emotionally, personally and academically.  Restitution practices require consistent language and management style. The most intriguing thing is that Restitution is just not for kids; it is as effective and meaningful for adults as it is children, helping with challenges, personal growth and building positive relationships with family, friends and colleagues. If you wish to learn more about Restitution, please inquire at our Office. 

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