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School Bus Rules


We all have the responsibility to.....

1. Meet the bus on time.

2. Sit in your assigned seat.

3. Listen to and obey directions given by the bus driver.

4. Remain seated with feet on the floor and the aisle clear.

5. Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.

6. Keep inside the windows.

7. Talk quietly and do not swear or name call.

8. Do not eat yogurt tubes, yogurt cups, pudding, fruit cups or jello cups on the bus.

9. Please pack all garbage (wrappers, fruit cores/peels, empty juice boxes, etc.) into your lunch kit and throw out at home.

10. Care about bus property and pay for vandalism.

11. Help keep harmful objects off the bus (knives, matches, firearms, explosives, drugs etc..)

12. Follow all special School Division rules and policies.

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